Sunday, December 18, 2016

Product Review: Perfume Cushion - Lovely to carry, Fun to apply!

Lovely to carry, fun to apply! 

The color, scent and packaging is way too cute and impressive. Who can resist this cute little perfume cushion right? I love the way it smells on me and think the packing style is too fun! 

I always wanted to smell nice without an overwhelming perfume and this little perfume cushion is just right for me, fresh scent and I felt in love with it immediately. 


After refill

The unique design of this perfume cushion are very light and easy to carry out. I feel great to apply it, the cushion is incredibly nice. Perfume scent last longer than I expected, I applied it just a little in the morning on my neck, I only need to reapply in the evening.

Oh ya, did I mention that you can even refill the perfume, isn't that sounds perfect? 
Overall, I'm satisfied with it. 

Thanks very much to @08l_malaysia ❤️ 


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